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Beasty Beach


04-07-2007 22:19:50
In game #6917, move 30, my bird is standing in the water. Directly above the bird is sand; left-up is water, and up, left-up is a three point fish. I go to the fish, excepting to gain one
point: it's two steps on the sand (so it costs 2 energy), but I gain 3 energy from the fish.

But there was no increase in the score. My guess is that the system routed my bird first left-up,
then up wasting 3 points of energy instead of 2.

If this is what is intended (that is, the system doesn't use the most optimal route for the bird),
then the rules should tell what algorithm is used to route the bird.
04-07-2007 22:40:14
Walking through water will cost you 2 points. So in your case one move out of the water = 2 points and one over sand = 1 point. So in total taking the fish costs you 3 points.

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