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Help - Text how to include links of games into forum posts

13-07-2007 14:01:55
I was just looking at that text and its a little confusing for me. After testing it a little bit, I would point out, what went strange.

You write [Gxxx] with three x. This looks like you have to enter three numbers in order to get a link. And you used [Gxxx:mmm] to define the turn of a game (both with two brackets each). But in fact, you dont need to do [G001] or [G001:006] in order to present a link (I didnt use the second brackets here to make a better display).

It can be simply done by [G1:6].

Wouldnt it be easier and more logical, to replace all xxx to x and all mmm to m instead. XXX seems to be a three digit number only, whereas X means everything from 1 to a million!
13-07-2007 16:22:10
I think the text is perfectly clear. There are some examples that show you can replace the 'xxx' with a 1-digit number or a 4-digit number. In my opinion, it would even become less clear if there would only be one 'x' in the text...

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