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Small layout problem

14-07-2007 20:19:26
in [G7421], spielphase's name is hidden by the flowers he picked. Ronald, is it possible to have a little bit more space for long user names?
14-07-2007 23:09:36
Try double brackets... game #7421
14-07-2007 23:12:06
Because the moves list is rather small (as opposed to wide) I think it's possible to make the box where the picked flowers are shown a bit wider. Still, for very long names, it's still going to be a problem. If anybody has a good suggestion I'm all ears.
15-07-2007 10:26:33
I think you can make the flowers a little bit smaller, with the result that "Taken by " can be on two lines without being obscured by them. Very long user names are going to be a problem anyway, as they'll stretch the boxes containing the picked flowers.
15-07-2007 11:22:58
1) Use standard 2 lines
2) If the name is so long it requires a second line shift the flowers downwards.
3) Use the length of the first line as width of the box (with minimum). Can give trouble with ads though.

Or a combination of these suggestions.
16-07-2007 16:14:54
I just thought of an even simpler solution: instead of 'Taken by Ronald', I could say 'Ronald took:'. In case of a long name, the 'took:' part will go to the second line but that wouldn't be a problem, I think. Would that be better?

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