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Logging out

20-07-2007 18:17:30
I usually play from home. Now I'm on holidays playing in a public computer, and it seems the website remembers me if I close the window and enter the site again. How can I log out?
20-07-2007 18:22:19
Move your mouse-pointer to "My games" in the yellow menu bar. Then you will see the green menu column with "Log out".
20-07-2007 18:22:55
and I'm curious: where are you?
21-07-2007 20:44:59
OK, I was looking for it in the "Settings" menu.

Anyway, I discovered that closing the Windows session was enough to log out. Thanks!

I was connecting from a library. You can't access the usual options, you don't see the desktop and you are not allowed to do anything. And in case you were curious about my holidays' place, it's a village near València, in the Mediterranean coast (but too far from the coast to go to the beach)
21-07-2007 20:51:09
I advise on not counting on closing the windows session to be enough. I suppose this site uses cookies. If a public internet service is set up properly all changes and cookies are removed when closing. However if it is not set up properly it does not. Leaving all information open for the next user.

But don't let this worry you, have a nice holiday.
21-07-2007 20:57:13
You can easily check if you're logged out after closing the browser by restarting the browser and going to this site to see if you're still logged in. Which would be my addition to Ritsoena's advice

Enjoy your holiday!
21-07-2007 21:24:44
At least I didn't mention which village I'm in. I imagine all my rivals taking planes and trains to go to its library and make my moves in order to make me lose!

Thanks to everybody!
22-07-2007 16:01:39
Okay, we can go to all nearby cities and search for libraries.

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