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Pyramid counts as one of your tournaments

31-07-2007 00:11:38
it would be nice if this tournament did not count against your allowance.

You only get two games out of it.

Course, I should just bite the bullet and pay for a membership :-)

But even then, it would count as a slot.
31-07-2007 10:03:50
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31-07-2007 10:48:41
We still think about adjusting it a bit. But clearness, easy rules, is worth something too.

I'm registered in 6 competitions and 7 piramids. At the moment I have 1 competition match more in progress, more than piramid matches. In the competition you sometimes have more games, but sometimes no games when a competition has a few games in progress. In the Piramid you normally don't wait long for 2 new games.
31-07-2007 18:33:44
To Cwali:

How's this for a nice easy rule. Only Competition and Championship of the Day count toward your tournament limit. The pyramids and Championship of the Week/Month/Year tournaments do not count toward you limit.

It's easy enough for me to understand.
31-07-2007 19:55:57
yes. easy it is.
I even know an easier rule.
31-07-2007 20:18:04
I agree with Cwali on this one: sure, the Pyramid only gives you 2 games, but you are almost constantly playing. The Competition gives you 10 games but if you are a fast player your games are finished soon enough and then you have to wait a long time before the next Competition starts. My guess is that you play just as many games in the Pyramid in the same timespan. Hence the slot is worth using on a Pyramid, in my honest opinion.

If you really like our site (and obviously you do because you do want to play more tournaments), please support us and become a Master. Don't think of it as $19 per year, think of it as $1,58 per month, or even $0,05 per day. So all the fun you're having here and it'll cost you about as much as a cup of coffee per month! Once per month get a glass of water instead of that coffee and you play for free!
31-07-2007 20:22:30
uh, €, not $
31-07-2007 20:28:27
Yeah, its a littlebit more expensive.

Can you get these statistics out of the database and tell how many games (on average) you get from each type of tournament?

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