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Competition with 12 registered players

10-08-2007 20:27:05
Competition 2
Game: Beasty Beach
# Registered competitors: 12
What about Batman? What are the rules for such case?
10-08-2007 23:16:36
New participants are added at the bottom group. He's registered as the only player in group 2. I have to check the programming because I'm not sure if he will be automatically promoted to group 1 for Competition 3 to replace the player finishing last in Competition 2.
Lord Al
10-08-2007 23:51:40
Cant we just make it a 12 player league?
11-08-2007 13:25:09
In theory, yes, of course. It would mean I have to manually add Batman to group 1 and manually start his games. But because the programming is based on max. 11 players, there might be other problems later on, like the ratings calculations, which then have to be fixed manually as well. And the next competition will start with 11 players again and again I would have to manually make it a 12 player league (provided nobody drops out or enters). All in all a lot of manual work for me that I'm not particularly looking forward to... I am fully aware this really sucks for Batman but that's always the problem with programs: usually they're not as flexible as doing things by hand.
11-08-2007 13:35:36
I just checked the code that generates the groups in a new Competition. If the next competition would start right now, Batman would be ranked #12 again so he still wouldn't play. Because he doesn't play a game in the current competition, he has 0 points and would rank even below the players finishing last in the current group.

I can only conclude the programming needs to be fixed when there is exactly 1 player in a group. I have to dig a bit deeper to see how it can be solved best. If managable I'll create a solution in which a lonely player is added to the last group created, so we would automagically have a 12 player group. But I have to see if I can get that done.
11-08-2007 14:11:44
As it happened it was a lot easier to change than I expected... so I also added Batman to the competition which is now a 12-player group. Still, I ask all players to keep a special eye out for anything 'weird', especially when the competition ends and the next one starts, to make sure I haven't made any 'new' errors.
Lord Al
11-08-2007 14:33:32
Nice one Ronald!
12-08-2007 03:01:20

One is the loneliest number.

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