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Archiving games

20-09-2007 11:06:25
In a short while, I will start archiving old games. I'm not sure yet what criteria I should use (finished more than 3 months ago?) but it's time to clean up some of that 'old mess' and keep the database from growing too big.

I am going to archive these games in XML format, and I will be able to reproduce them if needs be. But once a game has been archived, you won't be able to watch it move by move anymore.

Before I start archiving though, please let me know if you have any special thoughts on the subject. You might bring up some issues I haven't thought of and of course I want to keep the site itself running as smoothly as possible.
26-09-2007 08:42:44
I would prefer to see move by move of 1st league games + Championship of the year (perhaps month) a little bit longer because they are supposed to be played on a higher level and it is a little bit like watching old soccer reports of 1st league or cups on tv

greetz taz
26-09-2007 09:49:30
IF I want to watch an old game I would like to be able to do it move by move. Why the decision to discard move-information?
26-09-2007 10:23:39
Simple: because my webspace is limited. And because not a lot of people are interested in old games, it's easy to free up some space by archiving that info. Note: archive, not delete. This means the old games will be deleted from the server, but I will store them on a CD or DVD or whatever, so if needs be, I can restore them.
26-09-2007 10:29:02
I was not talking about why archiving. I understand that. But you said that during reproduction you can't watch move-to-move information. Or did I misunderstood you in thinking you throw away move-information, i.e. not store it in your xml-sheet?

Just curiosity: how must webspace does half a year of games need.
26-09-2007 11:08:28
I meant that you cannot see the move-by-move info after a game has been archived, only the final result of the game. I will be able to restore the entire game (except for the game comments, which are private to the players anyway), including all moves.

At this point, the database is almost 45Mb. I have 100Mb so there's no need for alarm right now, but I want to have the archiving procedure working before it's really needed.
26-09-2007 11:36:28
Ok, my comment was based on a misunderstanding.

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