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multiplayer games

L.A. Galaxy
27-09-2007 07:19:24
just wondering, would multiplayer games, say maybe 5 to 6 players work on mastermoves. Not only from a programming standpoint but gameplaywise, would it flow as well as 2plyr games? Any thoughts, experience or feedback appreciated.
27-09-2007 09:08:41
I've been thinking about that as well. From a programming standpoint, it's possible. The way I programmed things should make programming for a multiplayer game almost painless. But there are more things to consider:
- the game will obviously play a lot slower. In a 2-player game, if both players are online, you can finish a game within minutes. In a multiplayer game, the chances of that happening are a lot smaller, of course.
- what to do with resignations and time outs? This is the major issue, in my opinion. Most multiplayer games are totally wrecked when one player drops out in the middle of the game. In a 2-player game you simply give the win to the remaining player, but in a multiplayer game it's not that obvious. Sometimes you can continue (imagine a multiplayer version of No Limit: the remaining players can finish the race, no problem), but, say, a game of Hearts becomes unplayable with less than 4 players.
27-09-2007 09:25:15
Sites like cycloopspellen.nl and cartagena-online.de offer multiplayer games. Drop-outs are handled by replacing the player. Dropping-out obviously harms your ranking.
L.A. Galaxy
27-09-2007 18:44:34
its great youve been thinking about it Ronald. And from a programming standpoint that it is 'painless'!!! But yes ,youve covered all the bases, I had the same gameplay thoughts (possible problems) too. That being said, I must tell you that none of my Streesoccer matches are ever played in a 'very' short time! They usually go on for quite a while. But this also is relative I suppose. I was thinking maybe theres a certain format or choice for plyrs to complete a match or say chmp of the day in a set period of time, say 3 days or something like that ? That way the plyrs know they have to commit to finishing within a time period? And yes, my thinking was a racing game too. How much fun would that be!! With perhaps wagering involved with 'play' money.

Thks RV, I also think that would be good to penalise 'dropouts' but actually I havent ever run into problems with plyrs dropping out at mastermoves! In fact, comparably
to the other SS site plyrs play much faster!
thks guys
27-09-2007 19:53:32
Well, you could always first implement some multiplayer games where players timing out or resigning can be handled in satifying way. To take the examples you mention, don't let the difficulty of handling a time-out in Hearts stop you from implementing a multi-player 'No Limits' game.

As for the slowness, there are games where moves can be done simultaneously (yahtzee for instance). Such a game could be implemented such that on each turn, every player can make his/her move without having to wait for the others; once everyone has made his/her move everyone can see each others moves, and can make the next move.
L.A. Galaxy
27-09-2007 20:29:52

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