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Pyramid game achievments?

Lord Al
13-10-2007 00:52:07
Hi Ronald,
I mentioned this to Cwali to see what he thought, could we have a stat or award thing for each time you successfully defend the top spot in the Pyramd games (like title defences in boxing)? At the moment there is no easy way to tell how many times you have won at the top is there?

13-10-2007 01:16:49
you do seem to be rather good at it
13-10-2007 01:25:28
Hmmmm... I'll see what I can do.
Lord Al
13-10-2007 02:45:47
your powers are growing young Tim....

cheers Ronald, it's a perspective thing really, you can be at the top for a month and only have played one game or you can play a dozen times and get no fanfare of joy

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