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Bungalow Boss

Variant proposal

01-11-2007 21:26:35
I like the game as it is, but can't help tinkering.
First suggestion would be to make the cattages cost 0, 10, 20 instead of 20, 30, 40. This would simplify the math without greatly effecting the game. (How often do people bid at a loss for the ecomy cottages now?
Another suggestion would be to introduce more cost differences between the three types of cottage, maybe 0, $20 and $40.
Were any pricing similar to these experiemented with in the development?
01-11-2007 21:34:11
At the moment you can bid with a loss. I did it once to prevent my opponent from getting the quests. My loss was a lot smaller than what he would have gained.

I think a lot of people made bids below the break even point, but that was because they did not realized it.
01-11-2007 21:34:34
The costs are 10, 20, 30.

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