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Bungalow Boss

The slide begins.....

12-12-2007 11:02:31
after rather too long I have been displaced from the top of the pyramid Congratulations Cwali - the only player who I have played more than once who has won more than he has lost against me....

I don't know why, but this game seems to suit me, and I normally don't think I like blind bidding games
12-12-2007 11:35:24
I like this game more and more.
In the games with you now each turn is 'I think that you think that I think ...'. I never dare to write anything at my move, afraid that you get a signal out of it.
Often you anticipated my bungalow price, but the last turns I was 'lucky'.

The range of rational prices is often wide. The best choice depends on your opponent's choice. The order of choosing the groups of tourists, determined by the gap in the bungalow prices (added to this game on this site, it was 1 group each game round in a prototype, among many other differences we made for playing on this site) seems to work interesting with more than 2 players too. I want to try that out more.

I had to get used to this game, but now I overview it quicker when I go to my moves.
12-12-2007 12:12:34
I don't think I normally try to anticipate my opponent - I generally work on trying to informally value empty rooms in the future against full rooms now - both for myself and for my opponent. The last turn, or sometimes situations when one or both players are short of free rooms, I may write some numbers down and do a few what-ifs
12-12-2007 12:50:37
Anticipating what your opponents thinks might work well in an OTB game, but (for me) it doesn't work if you have several games going on, each moving once or twice a day.
13-12-2007 10:27:20
OTB = on table ?

It is not a game where you must remember much of the plans made in the move a day ago.
Simultaneous choices games often serve 'the fun of the surprise', but I find the price choices in this game really interesting.
19-12-2007 15:38:47
I have now lost my first Championship of the week tournament #1932 - congratulations Spielphase

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