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Bungalow Boss

I don´t understand some things

14-01-2008 16:47:43
I´m playing #22374 game and i have a cuote of 70€ for the first round. My opp offer only 50€. Then he choose first. But... Why can he choose two times consecutives if I can receive the turists? I have read the rules and I think that the lowest prix choose first, but only one time if the opponent have places. It´s not like i think?
14-01-2008 16:52:10
You get to choose as many tourists as the difference between your prices. Here's the excerpt from the rules:

If the gap is €X0,-, then the cheapest park starts with alternate turns of taking X group(s) of tourists. For example: If the gap is €20,-, then the cheapest park will get 2 groups of tourists first, then 2 groups for the other park and then 1 group for the cheapest park again. (As long as there are new groups of tourists available.) If the room rates are equal: Then the park who was the last to set a price, is the first to get a group of tourists. The other follows by getting 2 groups, followed by 2 groups for the first park again.
14-01-2008 17:17:44
Then, if my prix is 90 and the other 50, he choose 4 groups before me?
14-01-2008 17:19:05

But then you get to choose the next four.
14-01-2008 17:31:59
Yes, next four, but after finish the groups, the prix change, then i have also 4 choices for next week? I supose that the limit is the groups of each week, itsn´t ?
14-01-2008 18:20:44
yes, it is. New week, new tourists, new bungalow prizes.

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