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19-01-2008 12:12:55
The move to our new hosting service is complete and as far as I can judge now, all went well. You can now play our new game Dominate, which we think is a great new addition!

Some of you may have noticed the URL now is 'mastermove.eu', not 'mastermoveS.eu'. This is because we wanted to make the transition as smoothly as possible without any external influence. So we created the new site as 'mastermove.eu' which we could build and test completely independant of the official site. Now we build in an automatic redirect at 'mastermoveS.eu' (which is still hosted at the old service provider) to 'mastermove.eu' (at the new provider). This will only be a temporary solution: in time 'mastermoveS.eu' will point directly to our new site and 'mastermove.eu' will probably be removed again. But this way we didn't have to wait until some external party would move the domain name to the new provider.

So for now, you can use both domain names and you'll end up at the new site anyway. I hope you'll find it's a great improvement to the old wacky service provider. Enjoy!
19-01-2008 12:43:16
19-01-2008 13:20:15
19-01-2008 13:25:32
Congrats on the smooth transition! I will remember the URL trick.
19-01-2008 21:35:42
Congrats on the VERY smooth transition!!!

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