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Gipsy King

Tiebreaker question

21-01-2008 23:06:29
In Championship of the Week: 04-11-2007 there was one player who timed out in all of their games. In the games that they were the first player there were 10 tie breaker points awarded to the winner. In the games where their opponent was able to place one caravan before the time out more points were awarded to the winners.

I have two questions:

1. Why were the tiebreaker points different than the actual points scored in the game?
2. Why is there a difference at all in those games? We had three people tied in points and the tiebreaker came into effect. While it didn't change the winner of the tourney it did affect other positions. Why should one person timing out of a tournament without making a single move have the ability to determine the winner?
21-01-2008 23:21:35
You don't want to give the time-outer the actual points he scored. Otherwise it would be beneficial in some games to let it come to a time out. For example if I get enough points to pass your current score and win in for example 8 cities and there is nothing you can do about it, you could win by time out. That would not be fair, would it?

In a tournament if there is one time-out game it means that the opponent was not able to finish one game and therefore has less (tie) points than the other players. So you want to give the opponent of the time-outer something too.

In the current system the actual earned points and the time-out bonus/penalty are combined.

If you have a better idea: let us hear it.

P.s. it might be an idea in the (maybe not so) rare case that one player did not move at all during a tournament (any) or timed out all his games to remove this player (and games) from the end-statistics.
21-01-2008 23:29:11
I should clarify that the person who timed out did not make a single move. It would make since to give all of the winners the same number of tie breaker points in this case. As it is the players who were fortunate enough to be start player received more tie breaker points by virtue of what amounts to a coin flip.
21-01-2008 23:44:04
That would be a good addition to the rules. Though we don't want to add many exception rules. In most (?) games it doesn't play a role, like in Dominate.

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