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24-01-2008 23:53:53
Right, but then only if the score is equal. Otherwise, the person trailing might as well resign.
25-01-2008 00:01:37
Offering peace doesn't (allways) lead to a tie, it's ends the game with the current score.
25-01-2008 00:10:54
Yes. In real life many conflicts 'end with peace' but not with a tie.
26-01-2008 16:18:08
Can it happen that both players think that is better for them to halt at the current score that keep playing? (obviously, one must be wrong)

This could be implemented in Territories as well: I see that my opponent can win many of the remaining squares, but he doesn't realize. But he probably will if we keep playing. So I propose peace and he thinks the current score is good for me and accepts.

I thought the peace proposal would be something like the cube in backgammon...
31-01-2008 18:01:44
My gaming instincts were right. I accepted peace in one game of the competition before I fully thought out the implications. This cost me 11 tiebreaker points. When I finish my last game I will be exactly 11 points behind the leader. Peace sucks.
13-02-2008 16:16:58
One of my objetives in the Dominate game is to capture all the flag of my opp. Then it´s funny for me to continue to finish. Only in the non-tournaments games I finish the game before obteining the best possible result .
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