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Forever pass button

25-01-2008 13:25:35
Some games one of players can´t do any more and her opponent can play and win more flags For example: Game #23296. Then one player pass forever and the other wait only the pass of the opponent to play. Then, is it possible to design a button "pass forever" or detect by the program if a player can´t play, for give always the turn for the other player (like floriado game for example) I will need 7-8 moves to finish this game, but my opponent can´t mov. It´s too difficult??
25-01-2008 13:33:34
If the opponent really can't play, the pass is already automatically (until he can again).

But sometimes he does not want to play anymore, because he can't do anything useful anymore, but still has prisoners for example. A pass-forever button for that case would be useful (and dangerous to use )
25-01-2008 13:39:56
Detecting by computer, tha idea we had but is problematic. A "pass each turn" button is a good idea. Though in my games that phase was always short.

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