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Championship of the year

26-01-2008 20:53:55
The Territories Championship of the year tournament #8 is drawing to an exciting conclusion.

At the start of the tournament I added up the average game-points we had all scored against each other up to that point, and Batman looked to be the favourite, with 5.154, then Thenijn with 4.672, Ronald on 4.308, Piszczyk on 3.105, and me trailing at 1.681 - so I would be happy if I won one game.

There is now only one game to go game #23183. Batman and Thenijn are playing for the tournament. The game looks close - if either of them wins they will win the tournament, and the other will come last.... but if they tie, then all five players will have 4 points, and I will win on tie-break

I have never pressed refresh on a game I am not playing so often!
26-01-2008 21:01:54
I'll try to play faster for you.
26-01-2008 21:05:07
27-01-2008 23:51:16
congratulations Batman!
28-01-2008 00:04:16
Yeah congrats I had draw with champion ;D 3th place bronze for me Good tournament See you next year
28-01-2008 01:23:28
Good tournament!
Winning and having the worst tiebreaker.

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