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Problem with the flags

13-02-2008 16:21:15
One of the computers that I use have a problem for play dominate: I can´t see the flags. Only this game have problem, and only this PC. I can see the african map, but it is empty, and the result 15-15. Perhaps, the pc need some driver or java traductor, but I was installed the Java Machine and not runs. Somebody know what can I do?
13-02-2008 16:46:12
The game is programmed with Javascript and most browsers support it automatically. Can you tell me which browser and version you are using on this PC?
13-02-2008 16:56:27
I have used Iexplorer 6.0 and Mozilla, and this the same result. Need I some codec?
13-02-2008 17:50:00
I use Mozilla too and have no problems
13-02-2008 19:31:04
I have no problems with Firefox
13-02-2008 20:14:47
Did you enable Javascript? In Firefox this can be checked by going to the Tools menu, then choose Options. In the Options window, click on the "Content" pictogram. Javascript is turned on if the checkbox next to "Enable Javascript" is checked. Hope this helps.
14-02-2008 10:31:27
Thanks Guy, but the checkin is on. I see it yesterday.
14-02-2008 11:00:47
Which operating system do you use? Windows XP?
14-02-2008 11:26:48
I suspect it hadn't refreshed the Javascript file for Dominate. I changed the code to force the use of the latest version. Monday vestrada is at this PC again and we'll know if that works.
27-02-2008 11:18:39
Yes, Ronald, last monday the game was worked well. Thanks for all

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