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Tiebreaker points for time out.

18-02-2008 16:15:45
Championship of the Week: 20-01-2008

In this tournament there is one game that timed out. The winner got 40 tiebreaker points for that win propelling him to the victory. Is that the right amount of points? It seems overpowering and, in this case, is.
18-02-2008 16:31:18
Tiebreakpoints in case of resign or timed out: it will always be arbitrairy.
I think 40-0 is logical in case of Territories when the score is 0-0 at the time of ending the game. It would be 'strange' to give the losing player a part of the 40 points at the end. Fair? There has to be A RULE. And preferable an easy rule.

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