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www.mastermoveS.eu / www.mastermove.eu

27-04-2008 18:48:56
For in case things went wrong with the new server we used 2 names, mastermoves.eu and mastermove.eu. mastermoves.eu forwards you to mastermove.eu. But now mastermoves.eu seems to be unreachable sometimes, so use mastermove.eu in that case.
We should change this.
De Tommie
12-05-2008 19:53:46
Why dont you let mastermoveS.eu forward to mastermove.eu? MastermoveS is the name of the site and the name displayed on all your games.
12-05-2008 20:00:08
It will be mastermoves.eu only (or with mastermove.eu forwarding to mastermoves.eu, in case of a typo), but better look at forumtopic #616 about this issue.

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