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Move of mastermoves.eu domain to new server

07-05-2008 09:08:46
We've started the process of moving the domain mastermoves.eu to the new server. Right now it's still pointing to the old server, where it redirects to the mastermove.eu (no 'S') domain, which points to the new server. Now everything seems to work properly we're going to discontinue the old server (we kept it for backup so we could move back if things didn't work out with the new server), so we need to move the domain name.

During the move MASTERMOVES,EU may be temporarily unavailable!! But Mastermove.eu (note: no 'S') will always be there, so if you can't connect to the site, just remove the S and you can play on as you are used to.
19-05-2008 18:24:59
MastermoveS.eu has been moved to the new server, so now both mastermove.eu and mastermoves.eu run side by side there. In some time we will probably remove mastermove.eu again so mastermoves.eu is the real and only site.
06-06-2008 08:48:39
Is this the reason why (at least street soccer) is so incredibly slow to play? In particular, it takes ages while loading images...
06-06-2008 09:41:18
No, you have been playing on the new server for some time already. Only the domainname still had to be moved.

The server we're on now usually is a lot faster than the old one, but I too noticed that sometimes it just seems to come to a halt and response is terribly slow. Right now we're on a Virtual Private Server, which means we still have to share the server with a few other websites (though a lot less than with our previous provider). I assume the lapses in response is because one of the other websites is generating some server load. The next step is a dedicated server, of which we are the only user, but that's way too expensive... unless you get us 1000 new Masters and Grandmasters
09-06-2008 16:24:03
Lol, I myself could upgrade to GM (provided you don't _cheat_ me on SS!!!! Just kidding Ronald: grats on your tie breaking wins and promotion), but after my marriage: right now I'm too busy organising it...
But what I'm saying is that the old server... I don't know, it seems a lot faster than this one... oh well, probably you are right about the other side... I wonder which kind of site it might be...
01-08-2008 07:15:01
I changed computer, changed DSL, changed home... yet now when I display a game (I play SS and No limit) it takes AGES to draw the boards... The field gets displayed and then it takes a lot to download dice images, players etc. etc...
06-08-2008 19:30:49
Can you check the amount of disk space is reserved for caching in your browser? Usually the pictures should be used from cache instead of downloading them each and every time...
07-08-2008 12:48:22
Hi Ronald, yes I can. However, I doubt it is something cache related, for the following reasons:
1) If it were related to "cache full" I'd expect the reload to happen for each site, not only for MM; and then again, if I reloaded to display a certain match, I'd expect newly loaded images would stay for a while, with older from other site to be forgot by the cache.
2) In any case, cache size insufficient would imply the images get reloaded every time... but not that the reload takes up so much time... Sometimes to display a SS game I have to wait a couple minutes or even more.
3) I have experienced this behaviour with 2 different browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox) on 2 different computer's (total: 4 combinations) and the problem is present in all of them.

All in all, I doubt this is something due to cache... However I will check.
08-08-2008 09:28:51
Damn, my message about check didn't get to arrive here... I'm too lazy to retype it.
In short: I checked, cache was not full but gifs where not there even if I already connected to the site. Weird.
I cleared the cache yesterday, and now it seems to work.
Oh, well...

Thanks for support.
08-08-2008 16:19:32
Ugh... And then again... Firefox works now well.. but IE doesn't cache your images, and then takes ages to retrieve them...

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