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EinStein würfelt nicht!


14-05-2008 16:34:58
In one game (score 0-0) my opponent had one stone left, and was one move away from the other end. There was no way for me to capture the stone, so I resigned, assuming the game would be finished, and we could move on with the next game.

Unfortunally, it turned out to lose the entire match.

Perhaps this game needs two different resign options, one for a single game, one for the complete match.
14-05-2008 18:09:44
That can make the game 1 turn shorter, if you had to move first in the next ROUND.
But placing 2 different resign-buttons can cause new mistakes. So I think it is better to hold 1 resign option.
14-05-2008 20:34:20
To explain what Cwali means: if a third round is necessary to decide the winner of the match, that round is started by the player who won his round in the least number of moves. So if you could resign a round you might give your opponent the advantage of starting the deciding round, because you made less moves than would actually be necessary for him to win the round. Apart from this argument, I do see some value in Abigail's remark. We might also change it to only one resign button but it only resigns the current round, not the entire match...

14-05-2008 21:39:57
Maybe make it a 2-step process? First the user pushes the resign button, then the system asks whether he wants to resign the current round or the entire match.
14-05-2008 22:31:53
I think guyhill's suggestion would be good
15-05-2008 00:51:18
I prefer solutions that don't require extra round trips or page renderings. My preference would be two buttons, or, as a second preference, a button and a radio button indicating whether you want to resign a round, or the match. The latter may require an extra click.
Lord Al
15-05-2008 02:07:13
how about just not resigning when your opponent has just one move to win the game, how hard can it be?
15-05-2008 02:40:29
Oh, but that can easily prolong the game by an extra move, and hence, an extra day. It may also count against someone's number moves/day. Besides, one might one to resign when there's more than one move to play.
15-05-2008 18:18:01
@Abigail: I think my idea can be implemented without an extra page rendering, by using a pop-up window in Javscript. The same thing happens with the smily window.

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