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EinStein würfelt nicht!

tie-breaker rule

03-07-2008 22:04:00
Just noticed that EWN is missing on the help page "What is a 'tiebreaker'?". (also on the german page)
04-07-2008 03:31:08
Hi Rits!

"If a player moves a stone into the corner square of his opponent, he wins the round. If a player has lost all his stones, his opponent wins the round. The game is won by the first player winning 2 rounds."

There cant be a tiebreaker at this game.
04-07-2008 05:45:45
Yes there can. Pyramid bouts are two sets of games. So how is the winner of a pyramid decided if both players are 2-1 or both 2-0 in their games?

Obviously if one set of games is 2-0 and the other set is 2-1, the tiebreak goes to the player who scored the 2-0. But what to do if both score the same?
04-07-2008 07:17:29
That should be the same as for other pyramids, the defender (higher) wins.
04-07-2008 08:49:39
I thought so too, but we were not sure. That is why I tried to look it up. I do agree that it does not have to be much text, but the missing makes it confusing, that's all.

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