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Highest score with one tile.

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16-09-2008 21:08:18
Your example proves my point. Your opponent kept building up your future score for you. He should have noticed your future play and not built up your score.

Having not a lot of experience in this game, I would assume that if you can get such a situation set up, then it probably doesn't matter what your opponent does & you are going to win anyway. But, we are just talking about the large scores generated in one move & that depends, in part, upon your opponent helping you out.
16-09-2008 21:19:56
There could be the situation where your opponent helping you out actually helps them out more. This would be the situation where they are able to place more tiles into a large area than you are. It usually won't matter if you get the biggest scoring single tile out of the group if they end up with the most points overall.

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