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8 Cities

Interesting city layout

15-03-2007 23:27:33
Hey, check out game #769 that I'm playing in with laibach. It looks like we're playing 7 cities instead of 8 cities this game. Seen any other wierd or otherwise interesting layouts for this game?
03-11-2010 15:52:27
Link for the game graff mentioned game #769.

I'm now playing a game against Zmajoubica with all 8 cities positioned on the outside, game #131578.
17-02-2012 13:17:42
Here, game #171227, misterteacher and I played a 7 cities game!!!

In fact there are only 14 available walls. ¿Have you ever seen a layout with less available walls?
17-02-2012 13:36:38
I've played game #170723.

A game with 6 cities reachable and also 14 available walls.

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