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14-09-2008 10:45:32
I've implemented the following changes:
1- If you look at a game, there is a small red and yellow banner at the top and bottom of the board so you can see which colour is playing from which side.
2- When you view one of your games when it's not your turn, your tiles are shown at the bottom.
3- The moves now show ryb instead of rgb.
4- The resign button works now.
5- You can't remove a tile from your opponent anymore.
6- When you undo a move, the sorting of your tiles is NOT undone anymore. If you want to undo that, click 'reload' in your browser.
7- When you use a quicklink to a certain move in a game from the forum, that should work properly now too.

Any remarks, further bugs and whatever, just let me know!

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