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8 Cities

Highest number of points?

16-03-2007 02:08:34
Game #734 ended with a 42-32 score, for a total of 74. I wonder whether that's a record.
16-03-2007 16:54:02
Well I can try and work out what the theoretical max would be.

I belive that the maximum score that can be achieved would be that one player has all 8 cities connected and that the second player has 6 cities connected to all other cities and that the last two are connected to all other cities except themselves. That would have the total score as (6*14) + (2*13) for a total of 110. The score would be 56-54.

Now the challenge would be to construct a game where that happens.
15-07-2007 17:06:32
game #7589 ended with a score of 49-43, a total of 92.
28-10-2007 00:46:01
game #13918 46-44. Not the highest but still nice.
28-07-2011 22:08:07
In game #81724, the score was 38-56, a total of 94

About the challenge graff made, I came up with a way to score 49-46, which is a total of 95 with a tiebreaker of 516-484.

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