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board size

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30-10-2008 08:51:59
A quick count makes the board size 9x12. Is that correct? Maybe that tiles can be placed over the opponent's stock making it 10x12. I think that this asymmetry is a part of the problem.

I don't think that the board has to be unlimited (it could be useful ). But I think it should be clear what the border is and that there is one.
31-10-2008 09:49:31
During development an idea was to set a maximum size to hold everything on the screen and in the board size. Before choosing a size I tried on the test server how high and wide the computer allows you to build. See that test here:
It was 12 high and 11 wide and I remember that it was impossible to add a 13th high or a 12th wide. Since a length of 12 or 11 is VERY unlikely to happen in real games, and the situaties in the test didn't seem to cause any trouble, we decided to add no limits to the size (other than just what the programmed allowed).
But now the maximum high is 9, reported by players. I don't know why that is a smaller number now. ?? Then it will be better to set a limit and write that in the rules. I would like a 'round' number, like maximum 10x10. But if that doesn't fit I propose 9x9 as maximum.
31-10-2008 11:00:24
One difference I notice between the test you refer to and the game here is that in the test game there doesn't seem space reserved for the non-played tiles. In the game here, the top and bottom row are reserved to display tiles-not-played-yet, effectively reducing the height of the field by two. Maybe the easiest 'fix' is to store the non-played outside of the playing field.
04-11-2008 11:03:32
In game game #48261 the tiles are 10 high. I could have placed my remaining tile at the bottom (I tried, then undid the move). The tile then goes partially outside the field, so it seems that effectively, the playing field is 12 high.

But you can still go 'over the edge' after placing only 6 tiles (or does the game automatically "shift" the tiles to make room?

BTW, game #48261 shows a bug. I resigned the game with just one tile left to play. But the finished game shows the remaining tile at the top of the field while my tiles should be at the bottom.
04-11-2008 11:22:26
The tiles are centered with each new move. So you really have to build 10 high to go over the edge.

I'll take a look at the bug.
08-11-2008 15:20:11
In game #47857 the field is 12 tiles wide after move 10; the tiles are overflowing the board on both sides. My last tile would fit the field either to the right or to the left; the game doesn't let me place the tile there. In the given game, it doesn't matter much as I could play the tile elsewhere and still make the same score.

But if the game had let me, I'd gone for the record size of having a field 13 tiles wide.
16-11-2008 14:11:01
Alright, I've given in

I changed the code a little so now if the tiles are nearing the board edge, the tiles just become a little smaller. So from now on it IS possible to play tiles anywhere you like. In test, I've been able to place all 20 tiles left to right, and top to bottom.

My apologies to anyone who has been disadvantaged by the previous way the game was programmed.
16-11-2008 18:17:41
Nice! Now we can keep track of the widest/highest field in real game play. ;-)
16-11-2008 22:08:24
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