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EinStein würfelt nicht!

When random number is gone.

30-11-2008 15:50:15
Player is supposed to be able to choose the closest die either higher or lower. I rolled a 6 but was only allowed to move the 5 - not the 2.
30-11-2008 16:57:12
In your case the 5 is the cosest lower stone. There is no higher stone than the 6, and stone 6 you lost, so you can only move the 5.
01-12-2008 17:18:21
I thought that in the Little Golem implementation of this game, that the higher/lower progression considers 1 higher than 6 and 6 lower than one. I checked and found that I was wrong. The two implementions are the same. That is good.
22-12-2008 10:21:46
In either case 5 is closer to 6 than 2. Its two steps to 2 but only one to 5.
22-12-2008 10:28:02
You can choose the closest higher or lower number. It doesn't matter how close they are.
22-12-2008 10:31:54
ok, i did not understnad that....

thanks, could be good to know when playing this game offline.

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