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First player advantage

16-02-2009 11:16:37

I have the feeling the first player has a real advantage in this game...
Does the stats confirm this? What do you think about it?


16-02-2009 12:26:20
Stats 16-02-2009
# Games won by Player#1 1205
# Games won by Player#2 997
16-02-2009 13:15:18
Ok sorry, didn't saw until now there is a stats page...

anyway the stats says: 0,547 for p1 to 0,453 to player 2...

So far I'll be glad to start a game

Maybe giving an advantage to player 2 like for example one more flag (or other way around one less for player 1) might bring the odds back closer together? Or would this be a too great advantage?

What do you think?
16-02-2009 13:27:03
The start areas are complete random. Madagascar should be the least powerfull spot. That's why the player there is start player. One flag extra at the start for player 2, at a random place. I think that gives player 2 a big advantage. Maybe less than now, but it's not in the spirit of the game.
16-02-2009 13:33:33
One point for cwali.
I only hope that for Pyramid games, Madagascar is not chosen randomly. Playing 2 games should would be fair for both players...
16-02-2009 13:35:34
No, the start player gets the 15 areas containing Madagascar.

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