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Beasty Beach

what happend???

12-03-2009 11:45:05
last season I was last, now 2:nd

amazing and strange I think

thank you all
24-06-2010 14:17:47
Time to ask this question again

My first competition win here at mastermoves.eu,

Competition 39 is finally over

Thank you all, especially batman, it was exciting to follow that final game

28-06-2010 16:42:58
Congratulations rolle! You are doing very well! I hope to take your spot this next competition...
30-06-2010 05:50:59
Ha - I moved to the top of the rankings list by moving to level 2 of the pyramid because Lord Al lost his games on time. Just goes to show that you can do quite well in life just by showing up consistently!
Lord Al
02-07-2010 16:22:53
I'm really busy at the mo, sorry folks I'll try and get back on the case asap
24-02-2014 19:24:12
what an amazing tournament, this was really tight

could it be a closer margin?

Looks like I am the World champion in 2013

24-02-2014 19:49:20
tournament #26252

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