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Change of name

13-04-2009 08:43:57
I suggest to make it impossible for players to change their loginnames.
14-04-2009 18:22:43
15-04-2009 11:22:05
I remember many name-changes on the Littlegolem-site. After some time it looked like the group of players was new while it were the same players in fact. I don't like that.
15-04-2009 20:54:32
More or less my point, Cwali. Plus: One man, one name. A question of style.
15-04-2009 23:07:01
oh, you wrote impossible. I did think it was. Don't tell anyone.
uh, who changed his/her name?
16-04-2009 18:15:16
Nothing stops somebody from registering another account if they really want to switch names.
16-04-2009 18:26:10
@jeshko: Then he looses his/her statistics, has to pay again for (grand-)master etc.

I think it should be possible but not easy. It can be confusing if you suddenly are half-way into a game with someone you did not play with. Or whatever confusion arises from the change. It could be psychological warfare of course.

Furthermore if you want to invite someone to a match who has changed his name...
19-04-2009 21:24:30
I don't really care whether people change their names. I hardly look at the name when I play. Furthermore, many people use pictures which get displayed below their names. The picture draws much more attention than the name (because that's how the human brain works) - I more often recognize opponents from their picture than from their name. But pictures can be changed, can't they?

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