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Die Roll after a goal......how is the 1 avoided?

07-05-2009 16:10:06
I admit upfront that my perceptions below are just that perceptions as I have not trawled through all my previous games to count up the stats......

But is it just my own mistaken impression that rolling a "2" after a goal is scored seems to occur more frequently than the other numbers?

I even had someone "confirm" this perception to me by suggesting that if a "1" is rolled after a goal is scored, it is converted to a "2". As much as I want believe this (as it would confirm my perceptions) - I really don't think this is the case as it would not mirror the rules of the game (ie reroll any 1's after a goal) but also throw the goal-kick distribution off.

Has anyone looked at the goal-kick distribution? And are "1"s truly ignored and a new number generated randomly should a "1" be rolled after a goal is scored?
07-05-2009 16:56:28
I looked at the player who had the most goals in last competition level 1: Hrune. In his 10 games 39 goalie kicks:
2: 6 times
3: 8
4: 15
5: 5
6: 5
07-05-2009 17:02:23
So Hrune gets all the 4's giving me all the 2's to even out the odds. Makes a lot more sense now....

Postscript, in the same Competition I counted the rolls I got my opponent scored a goal:

2: 5 Times
3: 0
4: 6
5: 2
6: 2

While I answered in jest above, seems like there is a small grain of truth in the matter, especially when I look at what my opponent's scored:

2: 2 time
3: 2
4: 4
5: 6
6: 4

(Obviously, 4 OT goals not counted above as the game ended before the next roll was generated.)
07-05-2009 23:33:31
Here are the stats from my games:
07-05-2009 23:58:56
I freely admit it is my own myopic mistaken impression. Because I usually hate a "2" on the kick-off so much, I tend to remember them more vividly than the other rolls, leading to selective reinforcement of a mistaken assumption.
08-05-2009 10:41:13
I have results similar to those of the others, and as for the interpretation of them I agree with RP.
L.A. Galaxy
08-05-2009 17:58:03
not to worry, 'Coach' is coming.............
08-05-2009 20:55:21
'Coach' has dice too... so prepare yourself to handle the unlucky rolls you're going to get there too

As a matter of fact I'd rather roll a 2 on the kick-off than a 3...

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