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Rigged stats

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27-05-2009 08:44:27
Is 25-0 the maximum possible for a loss?

Either way, I think this kind of action calls for some punishment. In a 'real' soccer league, if you're caught cheasting in a single game (e.g., letting the other team win, without their knowledge, or fielding a player that isn't eligible), you get that game counted as 1-0 against you, so 1-0 against or maximum possible score against should be the 'normal' result. And in this case, as they both are guilty, they both should have the match counted against them.
27-05-2009 16:39:52
No, no burning. In the lake, in the lake with a stone to his legs (or whatever the English variation is).
28-05-2009 17:20:29
Hello guys! This is BAhia talking! I've been playinh for two years and enjoying the game! There were lots of fun! My brothers start playing and we've made some scores for fun! Ronald has sent messages to them asking if we were the same person. He was very agressive. He removed my goals. No problem. There were no rules about that. But I asked to remove the games also. He was very ironic. So I called him an idiot. And he removed me from the game. I've never offended anyone here. I play for fun. Some people write here without knowing the whole thing. Take care about what you say. Anyway, I'd like to apologize with people I was playing, because I am blocked, so I couldn't play or response. Ronald, there's nothing personal, but this is nepotism. You say and do what you want, and don't give a chance to explain. That's why I call you an idiot.
29-05-2009 08:01:35
Thanks to all.
29-05-2009 08:15:08
> I've never offended anyone here.
Bad vibrations are not only a matter of litigable offences.

29-05-2009 17:03:52
Strizz, you have the power of thinking. But it's your opinion. By the way, what's the difference between blocking the IP and removing from the game. The time is running up. People are waiting to play. And Strizz, smoking can cause lung cancer.
29-05-2009 19:55:33
I'm trying to not take this personal but it's hard... And it's even harder not to be ironic...

You are right. You cannot find a rule at the site that says: "You shall not cheat". But I'm a bit naive about that and assume people try to play fair. The rigged games were as close to cheating as the site allows you to. Some people complained about it to me, so I removed the goals from the stats, but let the games remain as a small punishment for the 'cheating'. Stress 'small' here. There were about 10 rigged games. Now how much influence will that be on your stats if you played hundreds?

The stats are a small addition to the site. I couldn't care less myself but some people like them a lot. And some people care a lot about them too. Bahia thinks they're really important apparently. He got caught cheating and still had the guts to complain about being punished. And when I was ironic about it, he found that enough reason to call me an idiot.

Yes, I asked his brothers (let's assume they really are his brothers) if they were the same person as Bahia. It wasn't an aggressive message, it was a direct message: "Are you the same person as Bahia?". The answer was "Nope". No explanation, no arguments, just 'nope'. And even then I gave them the benefit of the doubt and let them play on. This is actually the first time he tells me the other accounts are played by his brothers.

Now our 'bum' tries to explain his actions here in a message. He apologizes to his opponents for not being able to move. But he's not making an apology to me. So he stands by his comment that I am an idiot. Fair enough. Then I stand by my decision to block him.

By the way, I am not blocking 'bum'. Yet. He gets his chance to explain or discuss what I'm saying here, as he asked for.

Funny he says "Take care about what you say" while in the same message calling me an idiot and accusing me of nepotism...
29-05-2009 23:36:19
There is something like being a good site-user and a good/fair player. (or whatever the English expression is)

Usually someone not behaving as a good user warned and risks being banned. Whether it is a discussion group, a gaming site or youtube does not matter.

I think this is self-evident but if others don't think so it should perhaps be somewhere in the site-rules (if it is not there already).

Now I can't judge this situation properly(especially the discussion), so I don't know whether I would call banning an appropriate sanction.

But that does not matter, it is up to the site owner and moderators to decide what to do. And although there is a way to appeal (as there should be) and ask for re-evaluation etc etc (account Bum is not banned!) it is not a democracy! The final decision is up to the moderators (Ronald and Corné).

If it was my site I would not have put much time in correcting the stats, but I would not have been nice either. So the first time a person did this I would probably done the same as Ronald did: Only remove it where it matters for other players. The second time I would perhaps replace it with a nice negative number.

If you really want to play with stats (or bots) you might be able to convince Ronald to open the test-site or a second site for this purpose. Although I think it requires compensation (financially. time etc).
31-05-2009 00:49:11
Well, Bahia is still blocked. Ronald, Bahia did not intend to call you an idiot. It was just an explosive reaction for your ironic way. I think it's important the opinion of everybody. But blocking the person who did not tell anything in public is not fair. Anyway, time is up. You turn it public. You could talk to him, so I said iw was nepotistic. Anyway, you own the game. You can do whatever you want, like Ritzjoana said.
31-05-2009 12:48:23
First note that in the original message no names were mentioned. Bahia started openly complaining that I should also remove the games from the stats. He was the one who made it public.

Because now I have further evidence that Bahia, Vasco and Sao Paulo are one and the same person (he sent me an email that said "From: (real name of Bahia) (email address of Sao Paulo)" and in the text it said "I posted on the forum as bum", while here 'bum' said 'This is Bahia speaking') they remain blocked, as is bum from now on.

As far as I'm concerned this matter is closed now.
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