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How would have this played out?

16-07-2009 02:06:05
Using this game as an example, say on Strizz's move #38, instead of kicking the ball out (rolled a 5), Strizz moved the farest player just closer. What would happen on Pako's move #39 with the 3 rolled if Pako wanted to kick the ball?


16-07-2009 02:27:43
He would move the ball one space as it is possible to reach the ball in three steps leaving +1 for the ball...and it occupies the spot vacated by the player.

If the roll were even - he would not be able to kick the ball as it would not travel the necessary spaces.
16-07-2009 02:37:27
Hmmm, Strizz was leading 1-0 and basically Strizz could have boxed in like that and just move the remaining far player back and forth for the rest of the game to win it? Seems like an unfair "legal" play, even though I would guess this situation doesn't come up very often.
16-07-2009 08:19:36
Pako could move his player out of the "box" of Strizz' players and onto the sidelines...This would force Strizz to open up the box or kick the ball out of it as that position would then be illegal otherwise.
16-07-2009 18:04:37
I see, for some reason I just assumed one couldn't go out of the lines. That would make sense then.
17-07-2009 06:40:11
The ball can't....the players can.

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