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Top spot.

26-07-2009 22:14:02
I finally made it to #1 in the ranking. Without participating in a Competition, the Pyramids, or a CotY.
Lord Al
27-07-2009 09:16:12
thats why the rating system is wrong.
27-07-2009 09:37:10
Wrong example for a right hypothesis, my Lord? He made it as a "normal user", not by sheer quantity of Dailies, Weeklies, and Monthlies.
Lord Al
27-07-2009 10:30:20
hmmm, 70+ dailys etc counts as quantity for me young Strizz. It's like Mexico in the Fifa rankings, they got up to no. 6 in the world or something as they just kept playing Honduras and the like....

If we have a ranking system (and people who take any notice of it of course...) it should be based on your average rating with maybe bonuses for comp wins etc.

I wonders precious, what the top ranked players in games stats are like against the actual best players ? In all the games not just Comino that is.
27-07-2009 10:59:25
I seem to remember another game website where there wasn't just one ranking, but three of them, one based on victories, one based on games played and one based on average. I'm not saying that it's better or worse... it's just different.

Another possibility would be adding a new table on the "Hall of Fame" page with the top 10 or 20 players with the highest averages. What do you think about that?
27-07-2009 11:02:38
The "actual best players" , eh? And by what mechanism do you propose that we determine who these "best players" are?

Subjective circular logic, ahoy!
27-07-2009 14:11:14
ruiferreira Brainking keeps various statistics. There's a rating list (actually two, one for "established" rating, which you get after completing 25 games, and "estimated", for which you qualify after finishing 4 games). You disappear from the list (but you keep your rating) after not finishing a game for X months (the higher your membership, the higher X). Rating can be used to limit entry to tournaments (some people create high level tournaments, or tournaments for beginners), and can be used to determine pairing in tournaments. It also keeps a list of the sum of ratings (the offers more than 100 games), and lists with average ratings (having ratings in 1/2, 1/3,1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7 of the games). Then it has lists based on win percentage, both for all games together (need 1000 finishes to qualify), and for each game type (minimum of 100 completed games). There are similar lists based on number of finished games. Then there are lists based on tournament wins. Both for total number of wins, and for each game type. And you can make lists based on minimum number of participants (by default, the tournament wins lists only count tournaments with 8 players or more; minimum number of participants is 4). And there's a list based on number of moves made. A list for each month, and one "forever".

So, there are many "different" lists to choice from.
27-07-2009 19:22:07
"that's why the rating system is wrong"

Not at all. You've got the Pyramid for the defending-champion type of player, the Competitions for the winner-against-many players, and the hall-of-fame for the all-around points leaders. Pick your favorite style, and compete for top honors...

Congrats to abigail, BTW -- cool accomplishment!

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