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Same board for the two games of a Pyramid round!

28-10-2009 10:26:02
Powerboats board #141 is a board with a decisive advantage for the first player. (And I don't care what *overall* statistics say about the win/lose distribution between first and second player, but I would sure like to see a set of statistics for 141, if available). Having to play second on this board in a Competition or Pyramid is among the rather unpleasant moments on this server.

I have suggested to play all the games of a tournament --or at the very least both games of a Pyramid round-- on the same board. I repeat this suggestion.
29-10-2009 01:23:46
On board 141 I think the second boat will start on the left start spot, pointing to the left-upper corner. Then this second boat starts first. In any case the new spot for this boat will be 1 step forward, with or without crashing. Without crashing (a 1) it looks good for this boat. With crashing (a 2 or a 3) it looks not so bad in that spot too.

I understand your opinion on the issue but I self just like it the way it is.
29-10-2009 09:21:12
Strizz is right. You have 66% change to crash on the left start spot. And 33% change to crash with 2 crashpoints - witch is unneeded at the begining of the game and for tournament table Tiebreaker too.
29-10-2009 10:01:11
Yes, and especially if you are the "upper" player in a Pyramid round, a crashpoint makes a lot of difference.
29-10-2009 13:20:20
I'd start at the same position as Cwali, but pointing due west. That way, you don't have to crash, and can still go northwest on a 1. Regardless, the second player has to make 2 more turns than the first player - which is quite a disadvantage.
29-10-2009 13:41:50
That's what I did, and I got a 2 and moved sw. With a 3 I would have moved sw, too, and turned with my next move.

If crashing right at the start is part of good tactics, as Cwali's remarks seem to imply, I suggest to do away with crashpoints as tiebreaking factors. If it is not, I suggest to remove boards like #141 from the system or to play both games of a Pyramid round on the same board.

28-10-2010 21:15:37
I like the idea of playing both games, and I agrea with the start point of far west pointing west. It sometings isnt so bad as player one doesnt always get a 3 and have everything line of perfectly

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