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Weeks starting on Saturday

14-11-2009 17:51:51
I've been thinking about the less-played games and their CotD, and I wonder if it would make sense for the Weekly Championships to start on Saturday. I'm a big fan of EinStein, so I've especially noticed it there.

Given the way weekends work, it looks like Saturday and Sunday are more likely to have contested matches, while weekdays often have 0 or 1 joiners. While I know we're not in any particular hurry, it seems funny to delay the start of the CotW because the single contested match continues long after the rest of the week.

It is sort of funny to have a CotD for those games anyway. Maybe those games could have a CotFortnight and CotQuarter instead

It's not a big deal, but it was just an idea.
14-11-2009 23:05:29
Following that argument would mean: start on Friday. Otherwise you would lose half a day.

I'm not sure games are played more in the weekend than throughout the week. I have the impression that it is the other way around.
15-11-2009 00:17:49
You mean, some of us play while we're at work?
15-11-2009 05:54:33

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