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StreetSoccer World Cup

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Lord Al
23-12-2009 12:03:50
And were off!

Check here for rules and fixtures and results: http://football.spudster.co.uk/ there is a little link on the Mastermoves front page too.

If there any questions just post them on the forum here.
Let me know your game number when you get it.

Good luck!
Lord Al
23-12-2009 12:36:59
One typo error which I will correct on the page later. Disciple should be Slovenia not Burton (Slovakia) so Muzza you need to send your invite to Disciple.
23-12-2009 12:46:29
OK, what about game speed in invitation? Default?

What will happen on resign before end of normal time (or time up) ? Some rules?
Lord Al
23-12-2009 12:56:50
Default speed is fine.

Hopefully no-one will resign before end of game (please!). Every goal can make a difference so please don't resign unless it's level at the end of normal time in the group stages when you have to stop.

If for some reason someone does resign, then I think the points automatically go to the opponent and goals awarded per time played via an averaging system. Hopefully it won't come to that.

23-12-2009 13:05:15
Is it possible to start after holidays? I will be on vacation before New Year for 6 days.
Lord Al
23-12-2009 13:06:34
Sure thing, just play hard and fast when you get back
23-12-2009 13:20:54
ok, so I will start on 4.1.2010
23-12-2009 15:11:55
Just a thought: use the 'Game note' below the comment box to add a small reminder for yourself that a certain game is a WC game...
28-12-2009 13:54:31
I will start on Jan 2010 too ... now I will be out of i-net ...
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