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World Cup - Group E update

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29-12-2009 16:51:35
Agreed, I'm used to disappointment from the Oranje, but usually in the knockout stages in a penalty shootout
06-01-2010 01:08:38

All three Group E matches involving Denmark have now finished:

Final score: 2-1 Netherlands - Denmark game #100296
After two and a half games Frits Spits (#5) finally erased the zero in the Netherlands' goals column. A few minutes later he doubled the lead on a counter attack, but Denmark countered the counter and Poulsen (#3) made it 1-2. Except for the consolation goal, the final 13 moves were quite a wasteful experience for the Danish team as they kept missing the target. I sure hope the form improves for the next match.

Final score: 3-2 Denmark - Japan game #101565
Japan took an early lead right from kick off (goal scorer: offender (#5)) in a match that will probably decide who should follow Cameroon into the second phase. The Danish team rebounded with an equaliser shortly after the opening goal, later followed by another two goals from Bendtner (#5) to make it 3-1 with six minutes to play. In the final minutes Japan pulled one back (goal by #5 offender) as the Danes changed to a more defensive approach, which ultimately secured qualification into the second round.

Final score: 2-3 Cameroon - Denmark game #100831
Cameroon scored the first goal (player #5), but Denmark fought back with a brace from Bendtner (#5).
Bendtner later doubled the lead, but Cameroon took one goal back (goal by #4). The finish was tight and Cameroon was given a last minute chance to clinch the draw. A 4 would have made it 3-3, but only a 3 was rolled!

Updated 22 January 2010
08-01-2010 01:44:06
Final match report:
Cameroon vs. Denmark 2-3 game #100831

Goals by:
Cameroon: #5 and #4, one each
Denmark: All three Danish goals came from Bendtner (#5).
08-01-2010 21:15:46
Finally: after exactly 2 and a half match the Dutch manage to score a goal! Thanks to striker Frits Spits they lead 1-0 against Denmark.
10-01-2010 23:48:50
Final match report:
Denmark vs. Japan 3-2 game #101565

Another three points for Denmark and yet another hat-trick from Bendtner (#5) in the second consecutive 3-2 victory!
The two japanese goals came from offender (#5).

More details to be found in one of the above posts.
12-01-2010 11:57:53
In the 18th minute the score in the match between The Netherlands has changed: First Dutch striker Frits Spits scored his second goal of the match to make it 2-0, but they were still celebrating the goal as Danish star Poulsen was on the right spot to make it 2-1. So nothing is decided yet in this match...
21-01-2010 21:43:15
The Dutch avoided a third defeat in this group by winning the clash against Denmark 2-1. For The Netherlands it's a victory without joy, because they're eliminated already. The defeat means for Denmark that they finish second in the group.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck to Denmark and Cameroon for the rest of the tournament.
22-01-2010 00:22:40
Thanks, Snowy.

Like Snowy wroke, the Netherlands prevented the Danes from taking top spot in group E. Though Denmark pushed hard for an equaliser in the second half, the Dutch fought bravely to earn their first win. This match featured a lot of missed opportunities from the Danish players and two well-timed Dutch counter attacks.

Final match report:
Netherlands vs. Denmark 2-1 game #100296

Goals by:
NL: Two goals by Frits Spits (#5).
DK: Poulsen (#3).

Congratulations to Cameroon for taking first place, and good luck in the next round.

P.S. Denmark will take on Slovakia in the round of 16, while Cameroon will play either Italy or New Zealand.
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