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Multiple Users

04-01-2010 00:23:13
Hello, I've just realized that having multiple users from the same computer is apparently a violation of Mastermoves policy.

I have two young children that I like to play the odd game of Streetsoccer with. One of them accidentally entered into one of the championships, but that should be done soon.

In any case, apparently I'll need to delete their accounts to keep my own. I'm wondering if there's any way around this. Thanks.
04-01-2010 01:06:00
The idea is that it is okay if you tell what the situation is. You will not get blocked suddenly, I believe. And you must prove it by passport copies and so ...
04-01-2010 04:17:29
Okay, thanks. That's good to know.
04-01-2010 10:01:03
Indeed, if you get the warning message at the top of your My Games-page let me know what your situation is and I'll make sure you won't get blocked when I decide to actually start blocking players playing from the same IP-address.

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