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06-01-2010 11:14:46
How do people feel about having the ability to subscribe just to the Game Forums that they are interested in?

Understandably, at the moment, there is a lot of traffic relating to StreetSoccer, which holds no interest for me at all, so for example, I would only want to receive notification of comments relating to PowerBoats, and would therefore only subscribe to that game forum. Requests, Bugs, General etc could possibly be mandatory?
08-01-2010 05:34:50
I'm trying to remember where the "Mark All Read" button is so I can clear out the forums en masse when I wish to.
08-01-2010 05:45:30
Just click on Forum (not a subcategory) and it's right there.
It's called "clear all exclamation points."
08-01-2010 09:04:49
When I asked the question I was aware of the "Clear All Exclamation Marks" button; I use it often.
08-01-2010 16:51:54
"Clear all exclamation points"

Yes, I remember that link. But honestly, I don't see it in Firefox 3.5.6. I admit that perhaps I have an add-in to FF that is blocking it, so help me out - where exactly am I supposed to see this again?

I don't see it in the drop-down menu when I hover over FORUMS in the top menu. I do not see it when I click on FORUMS to get to http://www.mastermoves.eu/forum.php If it is supposed to be on that page - can you tell me where so I can investigate why I am not seeing it?
08-01-2010 20:31:53
You weren't seeing it because there weren't any exclamation marks to clear
09-01-2010 07:52:40

I see the link now. As others pointed out - it is on http://www.mastermoves.eu/forum.php I suspect I thought I was there, but perhaps I wasn't.

Or I was tricked by the latency in the exclamation marks.
09-01-2010 09:16:06
Either way, the exclamation mark next to the Forum menu is a little bit Schroedinger - you don't know if there's anything of interest until you look.

Whilst I accept that the 3 stage process of hanging the mouse over the Forum menu in order to see what topic the comments relate to, and then to click on it to get to the Forum page followed by clicking on "Clear All Exclamation Marks" is hardly arduous, its more arduous than not having to do anything, because I've only subscribed to the Powerboats forum, and the last gazillion forum entries have all been for StreetSoccer

Just a suggestion. I'll get back in my box now
09-01-2010 14:39:43
If you now go to the 'Forum' page (click on the word 'Forum' in the menubar) you'll notice that every forum has a checkbox added to it. Uncheck that checkbox and new messages in that particular forum will not result in an exclamation mark in the menubar (but they will still show up next to that forum in the dropdown you get from the menubar).

Let me know if this makes you happy
09-01-2010 14:55:47
@Ronald : Brilliant! Many thanks, as always.

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