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Limited Tournaments

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03-03-2010 08:21:07
Better than being angry
04-03-2010 18:03:48
Given where LFC are in the table right now, I suspect that he may remain angry come what may.
Angry Anfield
10-03-2010 11:14:18
Ah yeah - Should have heard me cursing after the 1-0 loss to Wigan!
Lord Al
10-03-2010 14:32:17
You should try being a Wednesdayite...
Angry Anfield
12-03-2010 13:04:44
23-03-2010 22:49:52
Good grief - I've only just read this thread and even more shocking than RichardD managing to get into 2 tournament playoffs is that he is making references to football!!
26-03-2010 17:29:24
I know a lot about football. If you are referring to the game invented at Rugby School.

If on the other hand you mean the association game - the one played by oiks (and watched by more than a few of them) - then I would have to defer to your greater knowledge. I try to keep my interactions with the hoi polloi at at least one step's remove, thank-you.
31-03-2010 20:15:31
Ho ho, it appears those history lessons paid off, it's a shame you're using it to mask the fact that you blatently paid no attention in PE or games!
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