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8 Cities

Longest forced move sequence

26-03-2007 01:20:48
In this game at the move linked to I forced a move of eight segments (four turns). Has anyone else come up with some nifty forcing moves? Does anyone else even look for such moves?
26-03-2007 08:19:36
Of course I always look for a way to force my opponent into a long sequence of moves, that'll help him in no way and gives me the time to connect the cities I haven't looked at specifically long sequences though.
24-10-2007 15:50:44
In game #13913, move 14 my opponent started a road, I blocked that road until move 21, then it (10 segments) was removed from the board.
24-10-2007 17:59:32
Yeah . just the wrong player doing that.
07-07-2011 16:59:51
As anyone who has played against me will most likely know I like to force my opponents into making long forced moves sequences too.
game #140197 and game #150103 are two of my most recent accomplishments, both of them fourteen segments long
08-08-2011 01:11:17
game #156140 has a road of 15 segments before it was removed from the board.
29-12-2011 22:11:03
game #167598 raises the bar to 16, also with a 1000-0 tiebreaker
31-12-2011 05:59:35
Nice. I'll still hold onto the fact that my opponent never managed any connected cities in my game Gotta try and keep some records away from the peerless MaCoPi.

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