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Mini Master Membership Option

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21-02-2011 22:52:54
as a paying member going on my third year, I have to say the $9euro for 4 months is definitely the profit-making way to go for the site. It's hard to give up once you have it!
22-02-2011 05:04:08
yeah, he gave me the four months after all my requesting not to. Should have given him eight Euros.
22-02-2011 19:26:42
Plus only charge the loser's moves, and the winner gets a free game

Loser pays for winner too. Much better idea. Makes it all the more serious.
23-02-2011 09:16:36
Hmmm.... play for money, like online poker? Are you serious???

In case you are (but I don't think so), send me a PM about it. Though then I think I need to set up a new site because this site is meant to play some harmless, fun games. And playing for money would seriously change the whole Mastermoves-experience...
23-02-2011 18:45:58
I was only kidding. I like it as it is.

I wouldn't play for money, not Streetsoccer, not Poker. I'd rather give those lost money to charity.
03-08-2014 11:12:24
Under the current system an EU Grandmaster would have to play 411 moves/day and or 103 non tourney games and or 31 tourneys and or take 43 vacation days to equal he value of a Master membership. For non EU GMs the numbers are 407,102,31,&43 respectively
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