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8 Cities

Close tiebreaker

04-08-2011 23:38:53
In tournament #18966, there is an awesome close tiebreaker.
Me and Ritsjoena on 1571 with seanp 3 points behind on 1568.
I haven't seen anything like this, even though I play since the start of this site.
03-10-2015 00:44:23
In tournament #39012 we even have the case that the tiebreaker between Ritsjoena and me only happens to be the same because of the rounding to whole numbers.
Without the rounding I would have won with 2705.128 to 2703.907
03-10-2015 21:22:53
Yeah, I'm getting close Be warned
25-08-2016 14:49:07
With 148 finished 8 Cities competitions, that's the only one with 2 winners!

In CotW: 31-07-2016 (tournament #452417) there is also a very close tiebreaker:
- 1559: DronaCaracal
- 1557: Zandor
- 1556: MaCoPi

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