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03-11-2011 18:50:18
In this game, as soon as mrteacher has completed a trunk, why is my turn now?

Edit Ronald: game #163209
03-11-2011 23:04:05
He placed one trunk, then the next trunk (which was your turn) was placed automatically because there was only one place to put it. Because that trunk closed the fence, it is now 'still' your turn to start a new fence.
04-11-2011 00:44:31
But when a trunk is put automatically, it's still one's turn...
04-11-2011 09:00:59
Normally, after you place a trunk, it's your opponent's turn. Unless you close a fence, then you have to move again and it's still your turn.

If you look at the move, you will see there are 2 trunks placed. The first one is placed by your opponent. It doesn't close a fence so then it's your turn. But because there was only one move possible, that trunk is placed automatically. Normally it would be your opponent's turn again, but because the trunk closes a fence, it's still your turn.

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