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Gipsy King (FINISHED)

Game #261071
Championship of the Year: 2015

czita  88 
ecowarrior  71 

Score for first half: 47 - 36
Score for lakes: 5 - 6
Score for groups: 36 - 29
Moves: <
1J6 pass, G7
2E7 H8
3D8 H2
4G1 G3
5E1 D2
6F4 C3
7D4 G5
8F6 D6
9C5 C1
10K1 J0
11I5 J4
12I3 K3
13C7 A5
14pass, H6 B4
15 H6
16G7 J6
17H8 G1
18F0 J0
19D6 C5
20C7 pass, H2
21I3 K3
22K1 G3
23G5 F4
24I5 pass, D2
25C3 pass, F6
26D4 pass, E7
27D8 K5

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