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How can I refer to a specific game in a forum post?

When you want to discuss a particular game on the forum and you want the reader of the post to quickly look up that game, you can use the Wiki-like indication "[[Gxxx]]" in which you replace 'xxx' with the number of the game you want to refer to. So if you want to refer to game #5000, use "[[G5000]]" in your forum post (without the quotes). This will result in a link like this: game #5000.

If you want to show what happened at a certain move, use "[[Gxxx:mmm]]", where mmm stands for the movenumber you want to refer to. So "[[G5000:6]]" results in game #5000, move 6.

For a quick reference to a specific tournament, you can use "[[Txxx]]". "[[T500]]" results in tournament #500.

For discussing a specific Powerboats board, use "[[Nxxx]]". "[[N1]]" results in Powerboats board #1.

And if you want to refer to another topic in the forum, remember the topicid in the URL, and then use "[[Fxxx]]". "[[F576]]" results in forumtopic #576.

Finally there is a quicklink for referencing the main page of a user ("[[Uxxx]]") or the stats page of that user ("[[Uxxx:S]]"). "[[URonald]]" results in Ronald and "[[URonald:S]]" results in Ronald's stats.

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