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How can I start new games?

There are various ways to get new games.


You can join one of our tournaments: the
Competition, a Championship of the Day or the Pyramid, and you'll be playing very soon!


You can invite someone for a game with you. If that someone is already playing here, go to 'My games', go to the 'Invite' part of the page and enter that player's name. Or you can invite someone who is not yet playing here by entering his/her email address. An email will be sent inviting that person to join us. As soon as that person has registered, the invitation will be transfered to him/her.

When you invite someone you can choose whether

  • you will start the game
  • your opponent will start the game
  • it will be randomly decided who will start the game
  • you will play 2 games: you will start one, and your opponent will start one (Duo start).

    Waiting room

    You can also place open invitations in our Waiting room, or accept an open invitation from someone who has placed an open invitation there.

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